Wood Badge CXII Songs

Ten Commandments of Song Leading

  1.  Thou shalt know thy songSnoopy Song Book
  2.  Thou shalt explain thy song clearly
  3.  Thou shalt try for proper pitch
  4.  Thou shalt lead thy audience in practice
  5.  Thou shalt not ask questions
  6.  Thou shalt not lead thy song in stillness
  7.  Thou shalt keep thy sense of humor
  8.  Thou shalt smile and be enthusiastic
  9.  Thou shalt relax
  10. Thou shalt be creative 

 Wood Badge CXII - By Kim Huff 

Patriotic Songs

America, America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Columbia, God Bless America,

Star Spangled Banner,Texas Our Texas,This is Your Land, You're a Grand Old Flag

Wood Badge Songs

Back To Gilwell, Camping Hymn,Gilwell Patrol Song, Its In Everyone of Us,Quartermaster Store,

Wood Badge Spirit, Finest Troop of Scouters

Scout Favorite Songs

Day is Done, Going Down the Valley, On My Honor, Scout Vespers, Taps, Webelos Graduation Song

Silly and Fun Songs

All-You-Et, Boom Chick A Boom,Deep in the Heart of Scouting, Ghost Chickens in the Sky, Oh what a Beautiful Morning,

Shark Attack, Star Wars Character Round, The Grand Old Captain Kirk, Pizza Man, Beef Hot Link, Beaver Song

Scout Poems

A Boy's Eye, The Bridge Builder, The Starfish Story

Scout's Own

Amazing Grace, Kum Ba Yah Scout Law, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, When the Saints Go Marching In

Camp Graces

Scoutmaster Benediction, Wood Badge Prayer, Wisdom, Clements, James Ray, Philmont, Northern Tier,

Florida Sea Base, Summit, Swamp Base